Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Billy & Mandy page 4.

One more page. I still don´t know exactly how to end this short story, but I´m planning Grim video recording all action to sell... Maybe, Irwin, Eris, Mindy would buy a copy of it!!!


Jon said...

i lobe it i hope that it ends good... are you gon got put words in it?

wagner said...

Well... I couldn´t think in good words to put in balloons...

Any sugestions?

XxHieixX said...

You're to much now man, after a truly awesome first three pics, he makes a fourth to continue the series. Thanks Wagner.

Angie Ryuu said...

bestial.... adorei a cor

uuhh... como terminará

Sonicdude135 said...

Man this is awsome. Cant wait to see how it ends.

I cant think of any word bubbles to put in either. The page sorta speaks for itself.

I can only imagine billy Saying something stupid like. "HIYA Mandy! You Ready to get SQUEAKY CLEAN!"

cant wait to see how you will end it.

I dont think Grim would be the one to video tape it. I think Eris would though. Cause she likes to cause Chaos.

But Irwin. haha Irwin would just try to join Billy..

Razor said...

very hot, good work

but Eris is 1000000000 hotter :3

Vicente said...

Hahaha! Olha a surpresa da Mandy cara a cara com o bichão! :D

Mais um ótimo trabalho, Wagner.

Killme said...

I like your work
how long does for you to do a page?

I have some suggestions

Frame 1
(Mandy) I can't believe he put in my but.....
Frame 2
(Mandy) WTF
Frame 3

Frame 4
Sonicdude135 (billy) "HIYA Mandy! You Ready to get SQUEAKY CLEAN!"
Frame 5

That is all I could think of does that help at all

Israphael said...

I was wondering what Mandy saw in Billy. Now I think I know.

wagner said...

Thanks for the sugestion!!! It would fit nicelly!!

IlovSimmon2 said...

this is awsome!! i dont mean to sound like a freak but i love the way u made his *cough* manhood *cough* *cough* aww man this terrible cough i have!! lol lov ur work!

Nyquil Driver said...

How big is it supposed to be, 12 inches?

wagner said...

Well, I suppose Ron Jeremy or Peter North would feel uneasy seeing Billy...!