Saturday, August 26, 2006

billy and mandy, yogurt

Here is a new pic of Billy and Mandy... A reference of the episode "Super Zero".

Thanks to

For the help about the word "Fruitilicious".


MoonDarter said...

Fruitilicious, indeed!

But what I would really like to see in the future are some pictures of Mandy by herself. Do you have anything planned along those lines?

wagner said...

Ah, yes, I plan to do it in the future.

MoonDarter said...

Joy! I'll be watching.

Sonicdude135 said...

Ahhh stupid AOL wouldnt let me see them for some stupid reason. But I see htem now Awsome job Wagner.

Sonicdude135 said...

ya know I dont know why, But I Really like your Billy and mandy pics. After you did these I find myself watching the show more


I cant help but to keep admiring these pics for some reason. I hope more are to come.

Irukandji said...

Nice work, I can only guess at what Billy will try next.